Group therapy for solving psychological problems and relationship problems is an alternative therapy to individual therapy. Group therapy, as in individual therapy, aims to improve people’s ability to cope with the problems they experience and improve their quality of life.

Group therapy is like a small representation of society. Group therapy sessions with people who have similar problems with you; It allows you to look at the problems you have experienced from a different place and develop healthy coping methods for the problems you have experienced.

Since the beginning of human life, starting from the family, it is constantly in small groups, it creates itself within the group. The relationship established with the others within the groups has also formed its self. In this respect, group therapy enables you to define your own self, develop alternative solutions by looking at the problem you are experiencing from others, and empower you with its healing effect.

Group therapy is the application of psychotherapy techniques in a group of patients and has different aspects than individual therapy. In individual therapy, the therapist aims to resolve the patient’s problems through verbal or behavioral interventions in the interaction between him and his patient, change non-adaptive behaviors, or personality change. The interaction that occurs in group therapy can be between the therapist and the individual patients, as well as between the patients. Therefore, there are many more issues that can be addressed in a group, and there is a possibility that two types of relationships will not emerge in the relationship. The elements such as the position of the members towards each other or the therapist and the formation of group norms make group therapy a separate treatment tool from individual psychotherapy. In group therapy, members have the opportunity to receive and work on feedback they cannot find outside.

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