No marriage is perfect. Almost every couple may need help from time to time during their marriage. Marriage therapy is not necessarily a troubled marriage. It is not quite customary in our country yet, but many couples who are in good marriage abroad receive marital counseling or participate in relationship development programs in order to further develop relationships or to prevent problems that may arise.

The aim of family and couple therapy is to solve the conflicts by dealing with the difficult and troublesome processes in the family and between the couples and to ensure the healthy change and development of all family members. It is aimed to regulate relations within the family as well as to regulate relations with other people and situations.

The difficulties that lead people to seek help with relationship problems are produced not by the individual but by the nature and dynamics of the couple relationship. Here, the contribution of individuals is that they have carried the relationship patterns they have acquired while growing up and the effects of their experiences there to the couple relationship. In psychoanalytic couple therapy, the conscious and unconscious factors that individuals bring to the relationship from their previous experiences and which they produce jointly within the dynamics of the relationship are examined. Recognizing the underlying causes of apparent problems brings about real and lasting change.

In psychoanalytic couple therapy, couples who are stuck in a pattern of somehow unproductive relationships instead move towards a more creative and mutually enriching association. Noncommunication is replaced by a mutual effort to wonder and understand each other.

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