Mankind is an enormous being. It has an infinite imagination and the potential to realize what it imagines. However, over time, he becomes unable to use much of this potential and even worse, with belief patterns, concerns, and memorization taught by his environment.

Individual coaching is a process that enables one to reveal all aspects of his / her potential. To turn the negativity in life into a positive, to complete the deficiencies, to prune the excesses, to know what you want and to live as you want bunlar All of this can be achieved by bringing two concepts into life: awareness and flexibility.

Nobody knows our lives as well as we do. We are the ones who live that life with all our senses and ponder over all day when necessary. In this case, it is not a realistic solution for someone to tell us what to do. Moreover, there is a serious difference between hearing the truth from someone else and discovering it. The first usually activates our defense mechanisms or at best provides temporary and weak motivation. However, finding the realities and solutions about our own lives is the most plausible and the lasting solution that will allow us to stand behind.

However, it may not always be easy to reach the facts and solutions in our own lives.

Most of the time we act with classical methods that we memorize and believe in its accuracy without question. We walk around the unsolved labyrinth of doing the same things and expecting different results.

Most of the time, we don’t dare ask ourselves the right questions. It is not easy for man to break the belief patterns and memorization that he has formed for years. We don’t even think about questions we don’t like.

Often there is a need for a new eye that looks at us from the outside and is completely focused on us. From a different perspective, we are amazed at how simple and obvious the questions are, in fact, that will lead to the right answer. Just like a person who came home at that moment said, “Look here.” It’s right in front of us, but we don’t even see it because our focus is elsewhere. Most of the time, we think that we have lost our self-confidence, dreams, hopes and expectations and cannot reach our goals.

That’s where the coach comes in:

First of all, it listens to you completely focused. He’s interested in how you say it as well as what you say. Realizing your body language, your gestures and tone of voice, you understand it as a whole, professionally and with all interest.

It allows you to uncover your potential by asking effective questions, question your belief patterns, and go beyond your memories. It helps you discover that you are not condemned to the “this or that” cycle, but there are different ways to solve it.

It motivates you to discover new and right ways to achieve your goals, and to show your determination and will to go through these paths.

It helps you discover your values ​​and make you happier by putting them into your life. It allows you to feel confident, to reveal your positive aspects and to recognize your upgradable features.

He does not judge, criticize or question you. There is no truth for you. It is based on your agenda, goals and wishes. Of course it is possible to gain new awareness of your agenda, goals and aspirations during coaching, but you are in control only.

In a nutshell, the coach takes care of you to make you happier in your life, really listens to you and raises awareness by asking the right questions. Helps you create new action plans if needed. Throughout this process, you will feel responsible for both supporting and realizing your plans.

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