Positive psychology is a discipline that centers people’s positive character traits, virtues and strengths. What makes life most worth living is the scientific study. He/She seeks an answer to the question of what is good life. The goal of positive psychology is to make normal life more satisfying. It does not replace traditional psychology. On the contrary, it complements and contributes. He concentrates on people’s strengths and asks what is going on in their lives.

Positive Psychology has unveiled two other forgotten missions of psychology. Psychology is not only concerned with the illness and weakness of the individual, but also the individual’s own resources and strengths. The treatment is not only correcting the wrong, but revealing the right and helping the person to realize himself / herself. Psychology is not only disease or health, it is also work, education, development and growth. The main function of psychology is to help solve all problems and conflicts caused by human behavior by using scientific methods.

In summary, while traditional psychology tries to eradicate existing pathology, it assumes that all problems will be solved once they are eliminated. But as one does so, others must focus on positive behavioral characteristics that need to be developed. This is the area of ​​”Positive Psychology”.

Customized programs are developed for each age group to develop life and mental skills. Depression score, classical intelligence score are measured. The ‘Personality Profile in of the client is issued. According to the needs of the training steps, psychodrama, group, Neurobiofeedback (Neurotherapy) is done through methods such as skill studies. Sample events to be brought by individuals are evaluated.

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