Meditation has many effects on our lives. These effects can be divided into two categories. First, meditation; benefits health and general wellbeing, stress reduction, focus and flexibility. Secondly, meditation gives us an idea of how the mind works. This opens the heart and shows us how to approach ourselves and others.

When we practice mindfulness meditation, we can learn to work more deeply with our minds and understand our thoughts and emotions more clearly. We can balance the control of emotions such as stress, panic and anger with meditation.

It is not a coincidence that mindfulness meditation has become so popular; This is because the benefits of awareness meditation are really effective and based on scientific evidence. Meditation; It is the practice of increasing the communication between the body and the mind in order to be aware of yourself and live the moment. Vipassana, transcendental meditation and awareness meditation are the most well known, although there are a variety of meditation techniques. Although many meditation techniques have their origins in religious or spiritual practices, they are now practiced independently of these traditional elements. Midfulness meditation can be applied both alone and in combination with other meditation techniques. Midfulness meditation is often known in a Special way as an effort to focus your attention on staying intentionally and not making any judgments.

This therapy method is effective on many health problems, but most effective in reducing stress. Stress is caused by a decrease in activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Mindfulness meditation reverses the environment of stress by creating a conscious thinking activity in this chapter. Therefore, people with regular midfulness meditation have low levels of cortisol, known as stress hormone.

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