Individual therapy enters sessions in which the client is interested in the therapist himself. This is one of the basic methods used for problems that the client and therapist can solve together. It is applied if the client presents his / her problems or problems in an individual framework, chooses to deal with this with his / her therapist and if the problems put forward allow it. Such therapies may also be used in combination with other applications, such as group or family therapies. Examples of problems in the individual framework; Difficulties in self-expression, insomnia, performance anxiety, anxiety and fears, self-confidence, problems in human relations, anger bursts, repeated failures can be shown. The length of this process is determined by the client’s needs.

Individual counseling is a journey into one’s own inner world. It is a self-discovery. To be able to look at life and problems through different windows. It’s a personal growth. It is the integration of the inner world and the outer world and attaining a harmony.

In the individual counseling service, the person develops the skills to better analyze his / her situation, to look at the reasons through different windows, to better understand and define the problem. The therapist guides the client to use these newly developed skills in solving the existing problem and developing different strategies.

The person becomes ready to take control of his life at the end of his journey into himself. The ultimate goal of individual therapy is to eliminate the psychological problems that occur in a person for various reasons and to pave the way for a more fulfilled and happy life journey.

Childhood traumas, childhood sexual abuse and physical abuse, traumas, depression, mourning process, many psychosocial problems necessitate individual psychotherapy.

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