EMDR is a therapy method named by the initials of the words “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. EMDR therapy is a method that enables us to get out and relax by making sense of disturbing events, moments and unrest that we experience and cannot get rid of.

EMDR facilitates the adaptive reintegration of traumatic memories by stimulating insufficient information processing. EMDR is a form of psychotherapy, during which we reproduce the information of our memories in our minds. It is a psychotherapy that states that the cause of the discomfort in the clients is negative and poorly stored memory and memories and that changes these bad memories under the guidance of adaptive information processing model in treatment. False beliefs and maladaptive behaviors stem from the memories of these stored old lives. We achieve these goal memories and change them through therapy. We then combine it with the memories of our other life experiences to strengthen a more harmonious solution.

The EMDR technique aims to provide desensitization of these memories by revealing disturbing memories that are trapped in the minds of individuals through dual stimuli and affect their current lives. Desensitization process, traffic accident, harassment, earthquake etc. as well as traumatic events such as, we feel worthless, ugly, inadequate, imperfect, stupid childhood memories that make us feel. Research shows that most of the events that people have in mind about their backgrounds are negative. As much as having an accident, a word we hear from our primary school teacher can change our lives traumatically. Each individual experiences and has the power to cope with these disturbing memories.

The EMDR practitioner is required to have completed two levels of certified training by EMDR Insititute and to participate in supervision. Busra Danisman is a fully qualified and certified expert.

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