CBT teaches people to accept themselves unconditionally. Concern is more common in women who see themselves through the eyes of others. The CBT argues that to some extent it is wrong to take life too seriously. Tries to provide problem solving skills and skill acquisition trainings. Healthy negative emotions are constructive. Fear leaves life alive, anger defends your right, anxiety increases motivation to do business, love multiplies you. It brings the person to the goal. Unhealthy negative emotions prevent the purpose. It also provides for punishment in order to eliminate resistant behaviors. He thinks that he can do the right things for the wrong reasons. Therapists are not prescriptive and imposing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven and effective short-term psychotherapy approach that addresses current psychological problems in individuals. It is based on the idea that one’s behavior changes according to his thoughts and feelings. It aims to reach a solution by enabling people to develop different perspectives against events by changing one’s thinking system and then to behave differently from their previous behaviors. It therefore encourages people to challenge against thoughts and behaviors that do not make them feel better. It is most commonly used for depression and anxiety disorders, but also for many other psychological disorders such as eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and panic disorder.

The main goal is to gain skills that will help the person to cope with the problems that cause difficulties by using his / her own resources. In order to achieve the goals determined by the therapist and the client working together and to create ”change ler, the lessons learned during the sessions are put into practice between the sessions. In order to transform the knowledge learned from the therapist into a skill, Se homework ”or exercises are used in practice.

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