Effects of stressful work life on social life

We find that stress affects women the most, and that men and women are affected differently from work stress. Men are found to be aggressive because of work stress and show more aggression, whereas women show anxiety and depression in the face of stress. Women’s psychological responses to stress are more intense, whereas their physiological […]

How does busy work life affect psychology?

Psychological disorders related to busy work life have been increasing in recent years. Factors such as changing life difficulties, monotonous working process, intense work, overtime, taking responsibility and one-to-one relationship with the customer cause significant psychological disorders in the employees. Stress, which expresses emotions such as tension, anxiety, doubt, unease, restlessness, fear, excitement, is present […]

Eating disorder therapy

While nutrition is a necessity for survival, it has become possible to see rapid changes in eating attitudes due to biological, psychological and social factors. For example, in an era where excessive dealing with physical attractiveness and perfection is on the agenda, women can only pay for the effort to exist with their body size […]

Sleep disorder therapy

Insomnia is a serious health problem that occurs in one out of three people in the community. Insomnia occurs at any age. Most people suffer from insomnia for a night or two, but this can sometimes last weeks, months or even years. Insomnia is most common in women and older people. If you sleep worse […]

What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout syndrome is defined as a physical, mental and emotional burnout response to long-standing high levels of stress. It is a syndrome that is often seen in the professions where people work face-to-face as people feel emotionally exhausted; become desensitized to the people they meet because of their jobs and decrease in their feelings of […]

Fear of death

Fear of death and anxiety is a condition found in many diseases commonly encountered in the practice of psychiatry. To understand the fear and anxiety of death, the concept of death must be mentioned. The concepts of fear of death and anxiety of death are often confused. However, these do not mean the same. It […]

Anxiety Disorders

It is twice as common in women as in men and usually occurs after the age of 30. Middle age is the most common age group, after which it gradually decreases. Behavioral intervened as much from their childhood, raised by an overprotective approach to show parents that individuals, events, and negative on the environment minister, […]

Importance of Psychology in Business

Mental health affects every aspect of people’s lives as well as their work lives. Factors such as lengthening of working hours, problems with people at work, and workload affect people’s mental health and can cause psychological disorders. The first point that people are psychologically challenged in their work lives is stress and inability to cope […]

Advices to increase your motivation in business life

One of the most important reasons for the drop in motivation is the negative thoughts that occur in our minds. People who have exhausted their life energy very quickly find it difficult to concentrate on their work and life. People who harbor negative emotions too much don’t believe in their ability. They don’t make good […]

Business Life Psychology

Stress, which expresses feelings such as tension, anxiety, doubt ,anxiety, restlessness, fear, excitement together, is an integral part of our lives today. Increasingly difficult living conditions, uncertainties brought about by rapid change and changes in human relationships are factors that increase stress. Urbanization, technology, natural events and similar external factors also disrupt the balance of […]