How do we get rid of phobias? Is psychological support necessary?

Basically, two methods are followed in the treatment of phobias. The first of these is drug therapy. Drug treatments have been shown to be highly effective in addressing phobias by many studies. Currently, antidepressant drugs, most commonly known as “serotonin reuptake inhibitors”(SSRIs), are used for this purpose. Usually, results are obtained within 1-2 months after […]

Post-traumatic stress disorders

Most people have experienced or witnessed traumatic events in their lives. Natural disasters such as illness, losing a loved one, an accident, an earthquake, or an attack that has a significant impact can have traumatic effects. Sometimes, after experiencing these events, it loses its influence on us, and sometimes, even if months and years pass, […]

Benefits of psychological support in business life

Currently, people are becoming more conscious, trying to get to know themselves, making efforts to identify their feelings, and trying to learn what to do when raising children. For this reason, contrary to popular belief, people do not resort to the psychological support process just because they receive a psychiatric diagnosis or show serious symptoms. […]

Achieve success with life coaching consultancy support

At the point of getting rid of the complex structure of our lives, which is getting harder and more complicated every day, walking confidently to these goals by setting realistic goals and achieving success by motivating for different goals, the concept of life coaching is becoming increasingly popular. Because almost every person or organization has […]

What are the benefits of couple therapies?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy applied to make their relationships healthier for couples who are in an emotional relationship. Couples therapy, which is different from individual therapy, is practiced in a relationship-oriented manner. For this reason, in couples’ therapy, studies are carried out with a focus on the selves of each of the […]

What is EMDR therapy? How Is It Applied?

EMDR is a method that has been very popular in recent years, especially in the treatment of trauma and anxiety problems. Don’t let the word trauma intimidate you. EMDR therapy, in its obvious form, “desensitization and reprocessing therapy with eye movements is a fairly new type of psychotherapy. Therapy involves the identification of unprocessed traumatic […]

Attention deficit therapy in adults

Attention deficit is an ongoing neuropsychiatric disorder that begins in childhood, the effect of which can spread throughout life. Heredity, genetics and brain imaging studies on its biological origins have made important contributions to our understanding of this disorder. Although it is a well-defined psychiatric disorder, both social-cultural objections to the diagnosis of ADHD and […]

What is marriage coaching? For whom is it suitable?

It is normal for individuals to want to share the same life in a bilateral relationship and to meet their emotional expectations. But a number of problems arise in maintaining the institution of marriage of two people who were raised in different family structures and knead with different cultures. Many issues such as disagreements, communication […]

How to solve problems of concentration, perception and focus?

Just as the focus problem or concentration disorder by another definition is affected by multiple factors, there are multi-step solution methods. Complying with the list below as much as possible allows you to deal with the existing focus problem and increase concentration. Attention deficit and concentration problems are manifested by symptoms such as inattention, restlessness, […]

Marriage therapy

Marriage therapy, couple therapy and Relationship Therapy are similar concepts and aim to support the close relationships that individuals establish with each other. Your spouse or partner you live with relationship and interaction issues, sexual issues, children’s issues, couples in developing depression, anxiety, anxiety disorder, such as mental illness cases, accompanied by individual therapy, Marital […]