Post-traumatic stress disorders

Most people have experienced or witnessed traumatic events in their lives. Natural disasters such as illness, losing a loved one, an accident, an earthquake, or an attack that has a significant impact can have traumatic effects. Sometimes, after experiencing these events, it loses its influence on us, and sometimes, even if months and years pass, the effect of events remains constant, as on the first day, or even increases with time.

Although not everyone is affected by an event that we can call traumatic at the same rate, some reactions occur in the person after the event has occurred. If these reactions persist for more than 1 month, they are called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious disease that causes a person to experience problems in various areas that affect their life, social activities, and the way they perceive the world. However, it is known that various treatment methods are very successful in the treatment of this disease. Given that not every person is affected by a traumatic event at the same rate, it is necessary to prepare a treatment plan that meets the person’s needs.

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