What are the benefits of couple therapies?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy applied to make their relationships healthier for couples who are in an emotional relationship. Couples therapy, which is different from individual therapy, is practiced in a relationship-oriented manner. For this reason, in couples’ therapy, studies are carried out with a focus on the selves of each of the spouses. In other words, it is not who the spouses are, but who they are in the relationship.

Another important aspect for couples’ therapy is the concept of cyclicity. According to the understanding of cyclicity, spouses form the relationship together. In other words, it plays a role on both sides in the good or bad of a relationship or marriage. For this reason, any of the parties cannot be considered passive. The fact that neither of the spouses did anything is also considered to have done. From the outside, it can be observed that one of the spouses is the more dominant character. But according to Relationship Therapy, The Other Spouse also plays a submissive, accepting role, allowing the relationship or marriage to form a certain cycle. Currently, a large number of couples who have problems in their marriage and try to save their marriage by solving these problems apply to marriage therapy. In marriage therapies, the goal is not to indoctrinate the person, such as ending or continuing their marriage. It is only indicated to the person how to be better, how to set marriage on track, how to solve the problems that are experienced in a better way.

If couples participate in marriage therapy together, the result will be more efficient, and the goal of marriage therapy will achieve a better result. In marriage therapies, couples are provided with the guidance and guidance of the therapist to be able to look at events through the eyes of their partner, to communicate better, to understand their partner better, to realize the spouses ‘ own awareness.

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