What is marriage coaching? For whom is it suitable?

It is normal for individuals to want to share the same life in a bilateral relationship and to meet their emotional expectations. But a number of problems arise in maintaining the institution of marriage of two people who were raised in different family structures and knead with different cultures.

Many issues such as disagreements, communication breakdowns, conflicts, cold, violence, deception in marriage place distances between people in the relationship and can sometimes lead to a point where we perceive marriage as unresolvable, unrecoverable.

However, with the change of our feelings and perspective, our expectations and perceptions also change. A person is a social being and must relate to his environment in order to live his life. A marriage that is part of a private life, contrary to what it seems, does not occur only between two people. It is one of the coaching services that allows people to look at each other, themselves and the institution in which they are located, the communication and behavior styles of institutions related to each other. Its main goal is to balance relationships and maintain relationships in the desired way. It offers a new perspective on balancing one’s strengths and developing and supporting one’s weaknesses as a result of detection. It helps in how an individual is understood or perceived from the outside by the person or institutions with whom they are in a relationship, and how to change and transform this understanding. Through the person looking at himself from the outside, work, friends, family, etc. in the dialogue and behavior between him and, it allows him to find roles, mimics or figures in which he will be more clear and can express himself comfortably. A person learns to expend less energy and use time best when expressing themselves. It works to create a healthier structure or relationship framework with the people and people we are in a relationship with, or with the institutions and organizations we are in contact with.

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