Marriage therapy

Marriage therapy, couple therapy and Relationship Therapy are similar concepts and aim to support the close relationships that individuals establish with each other.

Your spouse or partner you live with relationship and interaction issues, sexual issues, children’s issues, couples in developing depression, anxiety, anxiety disorder, such as mental illness cases, accompanied by individual therapy, Marital Therapy and Marital Therapy you may need or simply the couple and the couple.

One of your family members alcohol or substance abuse, eating disorders, or problems of child and adolescent behavior disorders, emotional abuse, neglect and the practice of violence, to take the decision of divorce or separation, marriage or save your relationship, marriage therapy and psychological problems in the process of separation of different emotional a healthy life, the need for it may arise.

In marriage therapy, it is aimed to teach couples to understand themselves and their partner.So learning to communicate is essential. Learning how to argue and fight in a healthy way is also part of marriage therapy. A healthy relationship, a happy marriage does not mean that there are no problems, no discussions. Couples are well-intentioned, open to change and development. In some cases, helping to end a relationship in a healthy way is among the tasks of marriage therapy.

Currently, in male and female relationships, couples ‘ expectations of each other, their desire for happiness and minimum standards have increased, and the need for professional help has increased. In the past, support from close environmental and authority figures such as family elders, clergy, friends has been given in the healthiest form by a specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapist, marriage therapist.

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