Career life coaching

Career coaching is a type of personal coaching that helps individuals find greater success in their career by setting their professional goals within a plan, overcoming the reasons that may hinder them. For those who need a companion to be able to make and manage the right career plan in their future plans, it is based on making a professional behavior plan.

Career coaching is an interactive process that helps a person raise awareness of business-related issues, clarify life goals and career goals in connection with them, and identify actions that will be effective for career development and transformation.

It is an individual coaching service aimed at improving communication skills and work performance for employees in professional business life to achieve individual and corporate goals. Permanent behavioral change Effective distribution of each awareness and development to all life, including work and private, is the main goal in the study.

The client’s core values, individual and corporate vision, equipment, personal and managerial skills, communication capacity and strengths are examined. Deficiencies and weaknesses are detected.

In line with the participant’s personal potential, a strategic progress plan is prepared that is completely unique and meets its goal.

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