What is adult psychotherapy?

Adult psychotherapy is a healing effort that addresses the psychological and psychological problems and challenges involved in human life with different therapy methods and techniques. The main purpose of this effort is to contribute to the person being aware of himself and his problems physically and spiritually, to gain the ability to solve his problems, to become an individual who cares about himself and his life and who is at peace with his environment and with himself.

Psychotherapy is a journey into one’s own inner world. During this journey, the person gets the opportunity to know and understand himself. In this process, the psychotherapist guides the client by providing a safe, reliable and compassionate environment to the client. Psychotherapy is not just a process specific to people with a diagnosis. Psychotherapy is suitable for anyone who is adversely affected by vital stress and difficulties. Adults may have problems from time to time from different areas of their lives, such as family, work, Parenthood, friendship, close relationships, financial situation, and may have difficulty dealing with these problems alone. By getting professional support, they can more easily circumvent unwanted challenging processes.

Individual adult therapy is individual conversations with an adult client within a specific structure. The problem brought by the client is dealt with from all angles and worked with the client to achieve the goal determined together. The main purpose of individual adult therapy is to gain and strengthen the client’s ability to deal with problems.

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