Ways to get rid of social phobias

Social phobia is a distorted perception that there is something shameful or lacking in ourselves and that we must constantly hide it if we do not want to be judged by others. For the first time, every work we do creates excitement and fear first. In the event of fear, excessive cortisol is released into the circulatory system in proportion to the tension. This prevents the flow of thought. The person loses their positive feelings at this moment. At a more advanced level his hands and even his entire body tremble. The heart beats and blood circulation speeds up. Behavior becomes difficult to control. If this problem is advanced, one cannot see eye to eye with others; his head trembles and his brain becomes almost detached from the outside world.

Sometimes we wake up with an ugly pimple right in the middle of our forehead. When we look in the mirror, we feel the urge to put some makeup on before we go out in public. People with social phobia have a similar situation, but they feel the urge to hide their identity because they have doubts about their own selves, personalities and social skills.

Social phobia comes in a package. People with social phobia often have very positive traits, as well as a false perception of their own self. These people have high standards and strong empathy. These wonderful strengths don’t go away either when they start working to treat their social phobias.

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