Causes of Stress in Business Life

Stress can be defined as a person’s response to external factors that force their way of coping. When it is at a certain level, it may have a role that motivates the person and allows them to take precautions against threatening factors. However, in extreme or permanent cases, it is clear that the person will cause psychological or biological attrition and experience various psychiatric problems. An important part of our daily life is spent in our work. Stress at work is necessarily associated with working conditions. But individual factors, for example; the difficulties experienced in coping with stress due to personality traits, family life or other sources of social support, roles undertaken in other areas of life affect work stress.

If we think that we are under physical, spiritual and social strain due to unavoidable reasons, developing our own coping methods in these areas will reduce the damage that can occur by reducing the level of strain felt and, on the contrary, will enable us to enjoy life.

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