What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? How is it performed?

The definition of any psychological dysfunction in cognitive therapy and the role played by cognitions in its treatment are emphasized. Nowadays, it is known as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, rational emotional behavioral therapy, problem-solving, self-training, and coping skills, approach a therapist takes over and implements a combination of them.

According to cognitive theory, childhood experiences lead to the formation of some basic thinking, counting and belief systems through learning. These basic thoughts and beliefs are called “schemes”. These schemes are rigid thought patterns and are used to shape individuals ‘ perceptions of themselves and the world they live in later in life. Psychiatric disorders develop after a life event that supports the basic thoughts contained in these negative patterns that the individual is not consciously aware of.

Cognitive therapy is typically a short-term treatment, ranging from 10 to 20 sessions. In cases such as personality disorders, this period is extended. In the practice of cognitive therapy, the therapist is an expert who teaches cognitive theory to the client. A concerned, knowledgeable and cooperative therapist is ideal. The therapist will take an active role especially at the beginning, ask the client a lot of questions and give homework.

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