Burnout Syndrome in Business Life

Not only unemployment, but a negative and stressful work environment can lead to physical and mental health problems. Employers and managers ‘supportive attitudes and attempts to create a positive work environment minimize employee absenteeism and improve employees’ mental health. Attitudes that improve the workplace environment and support employees also increase employee productivity.

The most common symptoms of the burnout syndrome; they are at work most of the time physically, mentally, or emotionally tired, feeling low levels of motivation, moodiness, extreme reactivity, concentration problems, performance of work under the capacity to show the common problems of life with colleagues outside of work and thinking to business problems too often is the reduction of overall job satisfaction. These symptoms can also be indicative of depression. Burnout Syndrome in Business Life, failed management, time pressures, negativity of conditions at work, economic circumstances, personal troubles, etc. it can cause physical and emotional collapse in employees with factors. In people who experience burnout, behavior such as avoiding work, not coming to work due to illness, tendency to quit work, nonconformity in human relationships are observed.

Working with missing staff at work and not managing performance effectively leads to burnout syndrome. Working in this way creates an excessive workload on the individual and disrupts the balance of work and private life. Lack of appreciation and reward within the workplace, ignoring problems with the manager, lack of a fair understanding of management affects burnout syndrome at the organizational and individual level.

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