The psychology of happy marriage

Every man wants to find his perfect wife and have a happy married life. A life spent with a loved and respected wife is a situation many people dream of. But in marriages, things may not go as they are intended. Many marriages may have problems due to economic, social or special circumstances. In the solution of these problems, the attitude of the spouses takes on great importance. Because problems that are not well resolved may even lead to separation in the future. For this reason, many married people want to have knowledge about the psychology of happy marriage in order to lead a peaceful marriage life. Some practice what they hear from their environment or the internet, while others seek help from professionals such as marriage counselors.

No human being is the same as the other, so in marriage two people cannot be expected to be equal and compatible in every respect. The Ideal spouse should not be perceived as the person who has the same characteristics as himself. Each person has his own unique perception of marriage and expectations of his wife within the framework of this perception, there are some characteristics he wants to see in the person he chooses as his wife. In marriage, the more compatible the perceptions of marriage and the characteristics that the spouses want to see in their spouse, the more common the values they have, the closer they can be said to be to the ideal. However, it is not possible to find someone who fits one hundred percent in the choice of spouse. When expectations are too high, the more frustration there will be when differences arise.

It is more about harmony and good communication between couples than love and love.If a good communication cannot be established in marriages starting with love and love, this situation wears out love. Even though Love initially provides attraction between two people, feelings of love and commitment continue to develop only in a good relationship where effective communication can be established. In long-term relationships, couples can’t be expected to experience positive emotions all the time, and in situations of problems encountered, there will naturally be ups and downs in emotions when there are conflicts. If an effective communication cannot be established to solve problems and ensure harmony in the relationship, it is likely that the emotional bonds between the couple will weaken over time and break off in the relationship.

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