Marriage and business life

If the person starts a new family, that is to say, his / her core family, the man continues the order he / she already had in his / her previous family. The only difference is that school is replaced by working life. Even though she’s single and had a single period, getting married is a return to the family order. But women have to make more changes. For women, the school leaves its place in the working life, but also takes on the role, duties and responsibilities of her mother in relation to the House. So the burden increases. The sharing of responsibilities to ensure a good fit in the family, marriage life, free time evaluation of the expression of emotions, the format of the expression of emotions, communication, relatives, relationships, issues relating to children, revenue management, decision making, problem solving, values, expectations, and goals on topics such as the thoughts and behaviors of his wife assemblies; increases the harmony in marriage and conflict-reduces the probability of divorce.

The most common problem in marriages is the budget of the house, the issue of money, the Department of work in the house, the roles of men and women and sexuality. The House’s budget management and Labor Department should perhaps be spoken to between them without the couple living in the same house. It must be met on common ground so as not to cause conflict; in fact, marriage is like starting a new business. The same is true for marriage, as when starting a new business, all the details are considered, reconciled, contracts and job descriptions are made. Of course, we are not talking about anything very technical, but it is much easier to talk about verbal or nonverbal agreements from the beginning and to reach a compromise.

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