Effects of stressful work life on social life

We find that stress affects women the most, and that men and women are affected differently from work stress. Men are found to be aggressive because of work stress and show more aggression, whereas women show anxiety and depression in the face of stress. Women’s psychological responses to stress are more intense, whereas their physiological responses are weaker than men’s.

Factors that can lead to stress in work life may be related to the way the work is done, as well as the structure of the institution, physical environmental conditions or individual characteristics may arise. Stress sources, which consist of some of the characteristics inherent in the institution in particular, create constant problems for employees. When resources go unnoticed, it is not possible to effectively control stress. As a result, they become sources of chronic stress. It is possible to collect the sources of chronic stress at work under the following headings. Stress has a lot of negative effects on your work life. Stress can cause a person to not be on duty, to maintain low industrial relations, to decrease productivity, to increase the rates of work accidents, to decrease the delivery rates and to be dissatisfied with his / her job, to hate him / her.

Social support network, i.e., the person’s social environment, reduces conflicts between work and home, increases satisfaction and control of work and life, while reducing stress-related health problems. Women need social support more than men, and benefit more from that support.

Uncontrollable stress can cause cognitive problems such as difficulty in decision making, forgetfulness, confusion, increase in errors, and decrease in work efficiency. It can also lead to behavioral problems such as inability to stand still, overeating or loss of appetite. If you want to get rid of these problems and find a solution, you can contact Busra Danisman.

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