Eating disorder therapy

While nutrition is a necessity for survival, it has become possible to see rapid changes in eating attitudes due to biological, psychological and social factors. For example, in an era where excessive dealing with physical attractiveness and perfection is on the agenda, women can only pay for the effort to exist with their body size and appearance. In addition to women, Eating Disorders; It can affect men, adolescents, all ethnic and socio-economic levels, people of all body forms, weight and height.
Eating disorders are extreme discomfort in people’s thoughts and behaviors related to eating, weight and body appearance. It is mostly seen in young women during adolescence and adulthood. But children, pre-teens, adult women and men can also develop these problems. Eating disorders are serious problems, the consequences of which are life-threatening.
The most prominent feature of the eating disorder is that the person has distorted thoughts about food and their own body perception. People with eating disorders often classify food according to their own and develop avoidance (not eating these foods) behaviors starting from the foods they think have weight gain properties. Over time, the list of foods they avoid eating increases and the person faces a serious malnutrition. Severe weakness situations, other diseases due to serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and even serious pictures that may result in the loss of the person may be encountered. Eating disorders are not just associated with food and weight. Although physical symptoms seem to be at the forefront, they progress along with serious psychiatric problems. An eating disorder is an external solution to the internal turmoil.
The causes of eating disorders are not known exactly. In etiology, biological and psychosocial causes are thought to play a role together. The underlying causes of eating disorders are associated with low self-esteem, depression, sense of loss of control, worthlessness, identity confusion, and problems in family communication.

The cause of anorexia is not fully known. Anorexia nervosa; It consists of a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors. If you want support, you can contact Busra Danisman.

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