What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout syndrome is defined as a physical, mental and emotional burnout response to long-standing high levels of stress. It is a syndrome that is often seen in the professions where people work face-to-face as people feel emotionally exhausted; become desensitized to the people they meet because of their jobs and decrease in their feelings of personal success. Burnout syndrome leads to a variety of symptoms at 3 different points, physically, mentally and spiritually. When we deal with it physically, it is seen that the person feels tired all the time. Mentally, an attention problem occurs in the person. The person who can’t get his concentration together can’t focus on his work or other work. When the symptoms related to behavior are examined, feelings such as being very hypersensitive, strict rules, being in a constant state of Defense, sudden reactions, irritability and blame come to the fore.

Burnout syndrome is not a simple fatigue; it involves much more than daily work stress. Its main characteristics are chronic fatigue, an intense sense of resentment, and exhaustion. People who experience this syndrome begin to cool off from their jobs, lose their motivation and lose their productivity. Research shows that this syndrome also leads to many emotional and physical disorders. Recommendations to consider for protection from burnout syndrome are listed as follows:

  • Give yourself a sense of awareness
  • Be Good To Yourself
  • Ease emotional problems with Yoga
  • Try Breathing Exercise

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