Importance of Psychology in Business

Mental health affects every aspect of people’s lives as well as their work lives. Factors such as lengthening of working hours, problems with people at work, and workload affect people’s mental health and can cause psychological disorders. The first point that people are psychologically challenged in their work lives is stress and inability to cope with stress. Excessive and prolonged stress seriously affects people’s body and mental health. If we look at the effects of physical health; we see symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, distraction, lack of concentration, fatigue, novelties. At the same time, psychologically, there is an increase in the level of depression and irritability, anxiety.

You may experience problems such as inability to be productive with time in your work life, exhaustion, fatigue, burnout feeling and depressed mood. Long-term work or lack of time can cause problems such as exhaustion, fatigue, feeling of exhaustion, depressed mood due to many reasons such as loving your job, feeling of excessive responsibility, consolidating your position, proving yourself. The employee should be able to control time and manage it appropriately. Of course, in order to do this, working conditions must be appropriate and freedom must be obtained. The characteristics of your relationship with managers such as the owner, boss, manager of the workplace, which is the manager of the workplace, affect your mental health. The fact that the manager respects the thoughts and ideas of the employees, supports them, compliments them when necessary without regard to the relationship between the bottom and the top, and gives positive feedback creates the feeling that the employee is valued. The employee also values and trusts his manager more. The sense of happiness increases.

As is known, stress is a psychological condition that we encounter in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it has good results for us, and sometimes it unfortunately turns out to be bad. Some of the tasks and responsibilities that work life burdens the individual cause a number of stress situations in the employee. The increase in the burden of the tasks assigned to the employee in society also affects the willingness to work. If you are experiencing psychological problems in your business life, you can contact Busra Danisman and request support.

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