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Stress, which expresses feelings such as tension, anxiety, doubt ,anxiety, restlessness, fear, excitement together, is an integral part of our lives today. Increasingly difficult living conditions, uncertainties brought about by rapid change and changes in human relationships are factors that increase stress. Urbanization, technology, natural events and similar external factors also disrupt the balance of life and people who have difficulty keeping up with this change experience stress more and more intense. The psychological state of the employee is very important during the time he or she is at work. Although his psychology and happiness in his private life are important, these psychological situations are more important in the workplace, especially in terms of the energy of the working environment. Employers have to make their employees happy. People who have a sad face, who don’t like what they do, who have a negative outlook on life, who work without enthusiasm and reluctance tend to make mistakes. Mistakes will lead to chain errors, and the unhappiness and reluctance of an employee will affect another employee in this direction. In all this negative weather, it’s close to almost impossible for things to go well.

What is Business Psychology?

The sense of responsibility and pressure that the work we do imposes on us; the expectations of the people around us; our own dreams and ambitions; all of these things sometimes affect our psychology without us even knowing it. Many factors such as the rush that starts in the morning, the accumulated reports on our desk, the customers we need to meet and the meetings we need to enter, the decisions we need to take cause stress in our business life. Businesses are successful or not at the rate of the jobs these people who work for them do. The success and motivation of the employees is therefore very important. While there are positive developments in businesses that provide this motivation and work efficiency in a psychological sense, things get worse in businesses that fail to provide them. The psychological state of the employee is very important during the time he-she is in the business.

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