Psychological harassment in business life: Mobbing

In simple terms, we can say,” it is a psychological pressure that one or several people apply to another person, and they do it systematically with hostile and immoral, ethical methods.” A survey conducted in the UK found that 53% of employees were exposed to mobbing and 78% witnessed these incidents. Mobbing, which is an emotional attack, is when the employee is forced to quit by the employer by creating an aggressive environment such as insinuation, ridicule and humiliation of the other person’s social reputation.

What is Mobbing?

Psychological pressures at work are called mobbing. In other words, mobbing is also known as continuing situations of discord and conflict, exacerbating the conflict and often completing the process with the resignation of the employee. Forcing them to accept a rule, seeking pleasure in boredom, and personality disorders are the main causes of psychological mobbing. Mismanagement of a business, an extremely competitive environment, intense workplace stress, Downsizing and restructuring activities can lead to mobbing behavior.

Effects of Mobbing

Many mental disorders can occur in connection with the duration and severity of the form of Mobbing practice. Boredom, anger, moodiness, sleep problems, depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, may exhibit behavior problems. Depression, anxiety, and behavior problems can be found with adjustment disorders, depression, generalized anxiety, and anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, self-expressing physical symptoms somatoform disorders, psychological factors in the emergence and the course played the role of psychosomatic illnesses can develop. It can also be an attempt at self-healing, such as turning to alcohol, substances or drugs.

What should be done against mobbing?

The employment contract has the right to terminate on the basis of justified reasons. He has the right to seek compensation for discrimination in certain circumstances. He has the right to seek compensation under the law. The worker who is engaged in mobbing can sue the manager who is engaged in mobbing and claim moral compensation. If the conditions are in question, the worker may also apply to the provisions of ill-will compensation. In addition, you can feel stronger by getting psychological support. To do this, please contact Busra Danisman.

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