Coping with the challenges of being a woman in business life

While business life increases women’s productivity, social dignity, self-confidence and, more importantly, economic freedom, maintaining traditional values-based attitudes brings about a variety of problems for women. The main difficulty in business life is that working women who accept the society’s view of women, whether they have a profession or not, have a dilemma between domestic expectations and expectations of business life as a requirement of the traditional family structure. This group is generally made up of women who participate in business life without getting married or having children and then withdraw from business life. Even the structure of the group in question is an important indicator that women have some problems both in work life and in establishing work-family life balance.

The increasing participation of women in business life brings about an increase in research on women in working life and management. Research results show that women managers in the private sector have only advanced to the middle tier and are standing there. At the beginning of the biggest challenges experienced by female employees come problems related to pregnancy, childbirth and child care after. Moreover, some of the married women have difficulties in the balance of work – family – private life under the pressure of their husbands.

There may be some inhibitions by male managers. The most important of these barriers is prejudice against women. These biases, many of which are negative, include views that women cannot do the senior jobs given. They are considered inadequate in terms of personality, determination and perseverance. Other obstacles created by male managers are the “difficulty of communicating with women” and the willingness of “men to retain power.”

Perhaps one of the problems women entrepreneurs face most is not being taken seriously. Such an approach by both families and professionals in business life can break the aspirations of women entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this kind of approach causes many women entrepreneurs to be demoralized; however, it is necessary not to take such comments seriously. If you have complete faith in yourself and your work, it won’t matter much if others believe in you.

These difficulties experienced by women in business can cause psychological problems. If you are suffering from this, you can contact Busra Danisman and ask for help.

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