Dealing with depression at work

Work stress can cause depression. Research shows that there are a lot of people who are depressed because of work stress. Although each person’s tolerance for stress is different, most of us are not aware of the dangers of stress and our degrees of endurance. This situation in people fatigue, enthusiasm, feeling of exhaustion, headaches, stomach disorders, weight loss, difficulty sleeping, impatience, irritability, concentration disorder, sweating, frequent changes in body temperature, very often anger, resentment, susceptibility, feeling useless, insignificant , fear of losing his job, not being able to do any job, not being able to satisfy his employers, and his unwillingness to communicate. It is possible to count the intense work tempo, injustices in company policy, colleagues, etc. Increased stress threatens your work performance, the quality of time you have left outside work, and even your health.

Depression at work

If you are experiencing the above mentioned disorders, tell your manager about this situation and ask him for support. It will guide you in the right way. If you can’t intervene quickly, you may be late in the fight against depression. Colleagues may be the first to notice whether the person is depressed. Although it may be difficult to talk about, it may be good for the person who is in trouble to know that someone is worried about him. Recognizing the need for help and early intervention can eliminate discomfort very quickly. Knowing such a support system may even be a remedy for a mildly depressed patient. Other colleagues may also be adversely affected. Professional support is essential. Busra Danisman is a competent and expert psychologist and helps people with depression at work.

How to deal with depression at work?

Leave earlier than you need to start work. A review of the daily work to be done or a period of calm in an environment where you will experience intensity will increase the motivation. Quality sleep is important for coping with stress and concentration. Taking care of yourself is not changing your lifestyle. Regular nutrition and Sports will make you feel energized in daily life and will make you strong in dealing with problems. Regular alcohol use, with the expectation of getting away from work stress, disrupts sleep rhythm and makes it difficult to start the day. This creates a risk for alcohol addiction. In the same way, medications used without professional help for stress-related sleep problems or anxiety can cause increased anxiety and decreased productivity during the day. You should consult a specialist to assess your drug need.

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