Immigrant Psychology

Migration is a phenomenon in which individuals, for various reasons, leave their places and spend the rest of their lives in another geographical region. Migration phenomenon affects the physical, psychological and social development of migrants. The individual may face various problems before migration, during migration process and after migration. Some of them; language problems, lack of language, depending on the issue of training and difficulty in expressing himself, resides in the lack of economic conditions to leave the geographic region, depending on alienation, loneliness, social isolation, and belonging to the place with you to develop anxiety, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, such as in the form of certain mental disorders can be considered. In order for migrant individuals to cope with their problems and to improve their mental health protection, their psychological needs must be determined and the necessary measures taken. Busra Danisman has been very successful in Immigrant Psychology and has been trained in this subject.

Psychological effects of migration

In fact, migration is a phenomenon as old as human history. Human beings have been in a constant movement of displacement. But today, the pace and content of migration has changed. Especially the phenomenon of globalization has accelerated international migration movements today. At the same time, the migrations that previously developed mainly from East to West are now in different directions. Migration has a wide variety of causes. In general, economic, social and social reasons can be divided into three parts. Today, migration can also present itself as a longing for a number of things, people can pursue these dreams to different countries in order to seize the opportunities they do not find in their own countries. Due to the conditions brought about by the phenomenon of globalization, migration, especially term migration, can become a necessity. For example, factors such as providing good educational opportunities for children, language learning, doing research on a particular subject, and developing oneself are important.

Migrants who set out in the hope of starting a new life can become disillusioned and identity depressed in their country of origin. All these difficulties can also make migrants more psychologically sensitive. Many psychological disorders caused by the negative effects of migration can be treated with different therapies. Contact with Busra Danisman for assistance.

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