Importance of Psychology at work

Mental health affects every aspect of people’s lives as well as their work lives. Factors such as lengthening of working hours, problems with people at work, and workload affect people’s mental health and can cause psychological disorders. The first point that people are psychologically challenged in their work lives is stress and inability to cope with stress. Excessive and prolonged stress seriously affects people’s body and mental health. If we look at the effects of physical health; we see symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, distraction, lack of concentration, fatigue, novelties. Psychologically; depressive and irritability, anxiety level increases.

Psychological Challenges of Business Life

Difficult living conditions, monotonous work environment, intensive attention-demanding jobs, shift work, excessive responsibility, one-to-one relationship with the customer, such as the work conditions, causes serious psychological disorders in employees. Stress, which expresses feelings such as tension, anxiety, doubt, anxiety, restlessness, fear, excitement together, is an integral part of our lives today. Increasingly difficult living conditions, uncertainties brought about by rapid change and changes in human relationships are factors that increase stress. Urbanization, technology, natural events and similar external factors also disrupt the balance of life and people who have difficulty keeping up with this change experience stress more and more intense.

What is work psychology?

Experts on Work Psychology first focused on ensuring that workers are fit and adapted to their working environment, rather than the psychosocial conditions of the working environment that may be dangerous to their health. In today’s work psychology, the effect of the psychosocial conditions of the working environment on health has been at the forefront. It has been revealed that knowing the biological, physiological or psychological conditions of the people who work today is extremely important in adapting during work. The issues that work psychology is concerned with are more aimed at improving employee well-being and positivity. Another thing that distinguishes it from other fields is that it has issues within it not only for working people but also for non-working people and it also refers to voluntary work.

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