Work Psychology

Work psychology; It can be defined as a science which examines the areas that lead to psychic problems in the working life, investigates the causes and the effects of the problems and solutions and aims to provide a healthy and productive harmony between the working life and the working people and strives for the production of information in this direction.

The psychological state of the employee is very important during the time he or she is at work. Although his psychology and happiness in his private life are important, these psychological situations are more important in the workplace, especially in terms of the energy of the working environment. Employers have to make their employees happy. People who have a sad face, who don’t like what they do, who have a negative outlook on life, who work without enthusiasm and reluctance tend to make mistakes. Mistakes will lead to chain errors, and the unhappiness and reluctance of an employee will affect another employee in this direction. In all this negative weather, it’s close to almost impossible for things to go well.

10 Ways Psychology Can Help You Live a Better Life

The pressure of time, the fear of making mistakes, the lack of security increases the stress. Working hours, shift work, physical danger, excess of responsibility, having one person do several jobs, fear of unemployment, role conflicts in the workplace and uncertain roles keep people in suspense. Long-term stress at work can have repercussions on people in different ways.

Lack of self-confidence, sleep disorder, various health problems, future anxiety, increase in work accidents, decrease in performance, increase in false employment rates, decrease in solidarity, increase in competition, decrease in work efficiency, intolerance to colleagues and breakdown of relationships, feelings of inadequacy, increase in discussions, increase in working time, increase in absenteeism are some of these.

  • Get Motivated
  • Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Learn to Better Understand Others
  • Make More Accurate Decisions
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Make Wiser Financial Decisions
  • Get Better Grades
  • Become More Productive
  • Be Healthier

Psychological mobbing at work

Mobbing can greatly affect employee morale and job performance. When the administration does nothing to address mobbing incidents and allows this behavior to continue and grow, the impact becomes even more intense. Mobbing has some negative effects on the employee. So there can be serious disruptions due to mobbing in the workplace. Mobbing can upset the overall integrity and morale of a workforce and also affect businesses of all sizes. This can lead to significant losses in profits over the years.

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