What are the tips for dealing with stress in business life?

The most important causes of stress in business life, goal-time pressure and uncertainty in roles, role conflict and inequality are listed as. Extreme stress affects employees psychologically and physically, even causing chronic illnesses. Workplaces, managers and human resources departments to get rid of stress also fall. The work environment is always conducive to stress. Workplaces where inequality, role uncertainty, mobbing, time pressure, evaluation criteria are unclear, workloads are the most vulnerable to stress. The stress experienced in business life is important for both employees and managers. Work stress causes low motivation and performance, dissatisfaction at work, conflicts and concentration impairment and communication weaknesses. As a result, the health of the employees and the workplace as a result of it is damaged.

Causes of stress in the business life

All kinds of physical and psychological factors that put pressure on the person are stress. These factors can be heat, light and air changes or climatic changes, such as marriage, divorce, bankruptcy, or stressors of a smaller scale. The causes of stress in the business life vary. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • Long working hours
  • Shift work
  • Lack of ergonomic work space
  • Lack of heat and light in the workplace
  • Communication problems between employees
  • Lack of support and solidarity in the working environment
  • Intense competitive environment
  • Apparent absence of roles and responsibilities
  • Low job satisfaction

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How to fix it?

First, you have to know yourself and understand what is stressing you out. Take note of the events that stress you when you are at work and how you respond to those events for a week. These notes will show you how sensitive you are and how you behave. Instead of overeating or drinking alcohol to cope with stress, try to come up with healthy solutions. Exercise is one of the most important stress fighters. Yoga can also be a great solution, but it’s best to choose the form of exercise in which your body feels most comfortable.

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