What is life coaching, why do we need it?

Life coaching is a journey, education and information that enables us to reach our highest potential. It is a journey for people to achieve their goals and to realize their potential. The ultimate goal is to achieve the goals, and to develop their lives and careers in a planned manner with permanent methods that individuals can use throughout their lives.

Recently coaching has become a popular practice, especially in career. But in fact, when looking at a career, people’s lives need to be looked at altogether. Career progression or failure to progress is a process that spans the whole life. That is to say, the reflection of all life is seen from these advances or setbacks. First, it is necessary to look at one’s personal and individual development. It is in our best interest to see and use coaching as a support system. Life Coaching, which is used to solve our problems both individually and on our career path and thus adopt a lifestyle for development, supports development in every aspect. It is possible to differentiate coaching, which is a phenomenon that has been constantly changing in terms of expression, in recent years. However, it should be noted that the essence of everything is within us, and if we need to speak of a beginning, we must begin each coaching adventure or journey by looking within ourselves.

Why do we need life coaching?

In fact, life coaching has emerged as a process based on the needs of the business world. As you increase the management levels in the business world, the feedback they receive about their performance decreases. Senior managers need a coach to give them constructive feedback.

Then, as we saw the benefits of coaching, we made this development model applicable to every phase and every period of our lives, and developed applications such as life coaching, career coaching and executive coaching.

We see that such inquiries do not respond to, or even prevent, the individual’s need for change and development, unless the search for the individuals in relation to the process they are in is evaluated within a certain structure and development-oriented. Coaching provides both a systematic structure and a companion to a professional in need of such development. In terms of institutions, the situation is no different, and we see that coaching is an increasingly used method for the development of managers who assume the role of dynamo in change.

To determine if coaching is right for you, you must first determine what you expect from coaching. If one does not have a clear idea of ​​the desired outcome, coaching may be a good tool for developing a strategy to achieve this result. Since coaching is a partnership, how much you want to partner, how you want to partner, evaluate new and different perspectives. Ask yourself what you think. Most importantly, ask if you have the time and willingness to make changes in your business or personal life. If your answer is yes, coaching can be the most appropriate way for you to progress and develop.

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